Patrick Pissurno.

Seasoned backend software developer (Node.js)


Genie App.


Complete development solution for the platform. Native Android frontend and Node.js backend. Genie is a Startup that helps recruiters find the best candidates; and helps candidates get the best jobs.

Keywords: Android, Node.js, Animations, Regular Expressions, MySQL, MongoDB, Transactional Email, Digital Ocean, Push Notification, Git.


Homy Food.


E-commerce platform developed as a personal project. Native Android frontend and Node.js backend.

Reactive application implemented with the most suited Design Patterns. Location-based content with advanced database search algorithms. High level of polishment.

Over 40 thousand lines of code (including tests).

Keywords: Android, RxJava2, Retrofit, Glide, Sharp, Node.js, Fastify, MySQL, Mongoose, Git, Docker, Continuous Integration, Push Notifications.


Slide Remote.


Remote control app for slide presentations. Developed as a personal project with a Native Android frontend. The Windows's app is built with .NET Visual C# and the backend was written in Golang.

Cloud-first infrastructure designed with high availability in mind. Backend server works as a relay between the phone and computer.

Keywords: Android, RxJava2, Golang, Long polling, Heroku, .NET C# WinForms, Git.

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